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At F.S.Mackenzie Odessa we offer a whole range of special services including turn key deliveries and project cargo transportation.


Our customers benefit from: tailor-made transport solutions, full document support, our dedicated global network of partners and agents, our strategically located and specially adapted warehouses, our door to door delivery service and our expert customs clearance team. At F.S.Mackenzie Odessa goods are delivered securely, on time and at a competitive rate.


For some of the special services we currently provide please click here.

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Odessa Office Details

Business center Global ABC,
39e, Grushevskogo street ,
3rd floor, office 13,
Odessa. Ukraine.
Tel: +38-048-737-30-07
Fax: +38-048-737-30-06
Website: www.fsmac.com.ua

Latest News

14/06/2016 - FS Mackenzie relocates its Liverpool office: The new office sits adjacent to the new Liverpool2 port development at Seaforth and just two minutes
22/08/2014 - F.S. Mackenzie Ltd is sold to Singapore Post: Singapore Post subsidiary Famous Holdings buys F.S. Mackenzie Ltd.
01/05/2014 - F.S. Mackenzie open a branch in Georgia: The team at F.S.Mackenzie are proud to announce the opening of a new office in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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