Cars, Caravans and RVs

Ferrari in container

At F.S. Mackenzie, we arrange all modes of safe, secure and reliable storage and forwarding of automobiles, caravans and recreational vehicles worldwide. Whether you want to ship caravans to Australia or transport a classic car to NZ, you need look no further.





Static Mobile HomeOur specialised caravan shipping services have been providing damage-free, on time delivery of containerised personal and commercial shipments direct from the United Kingdom to New Zealand and Australia for many years. With our partners, we operate a weekly shipping schedule to all major ports in the region: Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, Fremantle, Sydney, Adelaide. Brisbane and Melbourne. We have a purpose built, MAF approved cleaning bay designed for every type of caravan.


Caravan prepared for shipment


In the UK, we can arrange for your car or caravan to be collected and brought to our depot where our experienced staff will prepare it for shipment: Some external components are removed as requested, moveable internal items are secured and the windows and outer edges are protected. Then the car or caravan is secured within a container to ensure maximum protection and promote total confidence for the safety of the vehicle while in transit. Once the car or caravan is secured we take a photograph to provide proof of the absolute security of the car/caravan destined for transportation. 


Horse Box packed in shipping containerOn arrival in the port of destination in NZ or Australia, we can manage the local customs clearance process and assist with Duty and Tax procedures. The car/caravan/RV is carefully unpacked then cleared through MAF under our care, which often entails cleaning at our specialist facility. Finally, we can arrange for it to be delivered to your choice of destination, providing a truly comprehensive door-to-door service.


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