F.S. Mackenzie Special Services


Caravan in container

Here are just some of the special services we currently provide (further service options are available on request):


Project cargo
Turnkey deliveries
Hazardous movements
Book trade, particularly with Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong
Caravans, recreational vehicles and autos, especially to New Zealand and Australia
Hanging garments by truck and container
Glass and ceramics
Fast moving consumer goods
Metal recycling
Surveys for cargo
Roll on roll off services
Out of gauge movements
Cross trades
Consolidated cargo
Personal effects
Flat pack cargo
Steel lengths
Heavy machinery
Natural resources, commodities and raw materials
Mega trailers, low loaders, break bulk and all container types including open top containers, half heights, 40' high cube reefer, 45' high cube reefer, flexitanks and flat containers.