24/03/2010 - Public and Civil Services Union National Strike


"The Public and Civil Services Union, whose Members include HMRC, UKBA, and DEFRA personnel has switched the date of the next national strike from Friday 19th March to Wednesday 24th March, Budget Day. On Friday 19th March there may be some disruption as the union plans to hold mass campaigning days in towns and cities.

HMRC and UKBA implemented largely successful contingency plans during the last industrial action taken on the 8th/9th March, it is anticipated that similar plans will be implemented on the 24th March to minimise the
disruption. Currently the movement and control of international freight only requires intervention by UKBA personnel in certain circumstances, for instance Route 2 examinations, Carnet endorsement and other regimes where
specific border controls have to be applied.

The NCH will be analysing their staff's intentions and will do all that is possible to ensure that they have sufficient staff to provide an acceptable service, although there may be some slippage in the target levels for Route
1 clearances. However, as HMRC rely on the UKBA to conduct physical inspections on their behalf some delays are likely on Route 2 clearances and it is something that the NCH are not able to control."

Robert Windsor - Manager Trade Services
British International Freight Association (BIFA)

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