04/07/2010 - F.S.Mackenzie ship aid to newborns in South Africa for free


The Baby Bear Project 3

At F.S.Mackenzie we regularly ship for a charity, the Baby Bear Project, which sends goods to Saint Mary's hospital in South Africa.


Baby Bear Project is a non-profit charitable organisation which provides essential aid, including clothing and care items for South Africa's newborn babies in South Africa; the aid takes the form of newborn packs.


The charity has these words, taken from their website (www.babybearproject.tk), to offer on the crucial service that they provide:

 The Baby Bear Project 4

The babybearproject is a charitable project supporting some of the poorest families in South Africa...Mums of newborn babies often can not even afford the most basic of baby items and HUGE numbers of babies are abandoned every day. Newborn babies are being sent home wrapped in newspaper...our aim is to provide each new mother with a basic box of baby items for her newborn baby.


At F.S.Mackenzie we have been sending out a pallet every month free of charge, on behalf of the Baby Bear Project, to Saint Mary's Hospital in South Africa. A programme was recently broadcast on South African television, SA TV, celebrating the good work that the Baby Bear Project do for those newborns at Saint Mary's Hospital.

The Baby Bear Project 5


The F.S.Mackenzie team are exceptionally proud to offer some much needed assistance for this important cause. 

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