F.S.Mackenzie Environmental Services


For our suppliers - carriers of environmentally sensitive waste materials




FS Mackenzie Environmental Services have developed a range of fully integrated waste management logistics services covering most types of non-hazardous waste which are tailored to our customers' needs. Supplementing our own fleet of Moving Floor vehicles, our hauliers consist of more than 60 established professional waste operators and give us a formidable resource to call upon. Our focus is on Haulier utilisation in meeting our customers' peaks in demand for this specialised equipment. latest model moving floor trailer

Our member hauliers use our state-of-the-art IT platform to view and select available loads. This IT platform is not in the public domain and is only available to our registered hauliers. Registered hauliers are either on a contracted or ad-hoc basis; you can elect to be a prime haulier from a particular loading station(s). In this case as loads become available only the allocated prime haulier will have access to and be able to confirm load acceptance. The agreement here is that as the prime haulier you will be expected to clear all the loads allocated to an agreed activity level.

Non-prime location hauliers are also notified as loads become available on our IT platform. At this point you are at liberty to select any load or loads that suits your availability for that day; we will as soon as possible, but within the hour, confirm which loads you have been successful in securing. The rate for the load will be either: a) already agreed based on specific locations that are regularly of interest to you or b) a load that is not normally of interest but you have an empty vehicle within that area. In this case you can select the load and confirm your desired rate to carry out the haulage. Once again, within the hour we will confirm whether you have been successful in securing the load(s).

We operate across the UK at Waste Transfer Stations and EfW (Energy from Waste) sites as well as into Europe where the demand for RDF, SRF and wood chip as a fuel source at EfW sites is outstripping European supply.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us: environment@fsmac.com