NEWS: UK lockdown restrictions to ease?


UK lockdown restrictions to ease?

We thank the NHS and key workers for their continued efforts and sacrifices in battling COVID-19 and its impact.

INDUSTRY NEWS: UK lockdown restrictions to ease?

Friday, 7th May 2020

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is considering easing lockdown restrictions. Ministers are weighing the fall in coronavirus infections against re-starting the economy, even though the UK has the 2nd highest death rate in the world, continues to miss testing targets and fails to secure vital PPE. There is no concensus on counting methods which vary from country to country, it is generally accepted that most countries are likely to suffer recessions. All are wary of the potential 2nd wave of infections as borders re-open and how lives and their economies can return to a new normal after lockdown.

Against this backdrop, F.S. Mackenzie thanks the NHS and all the key workers that have continued their efforts and sacrifices to battle COVID-19 and mitigate its impact.