IMPACT ON SHIPPING: UK Congestion and Backlog

IMPACT ON SHIPPING: UK Congestion and Backlog



Containers fill Port of Felixstowe forcing shipowners to divert empties.

UK Congestion and Backlog

15th October 2021

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UK Congestion and Backlog

Friday, 15th October 2021

Containers have piled up in the Port of Felixstowe, so much so that Maersk now redirects its container vessels to other ports to tranship onto smaller vessels that can freight the cargo into the country, writes Financial Times.

A shortage of truck drivers and an overcrowded container terminal in Felixstowe, have prompted Maersk to divert its vessels from the major port to European ports.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) said “further disruption” to supply chains may be “unavoidable” after Maersk, said that it was directing big vessels away because main UK ports are chock-a-block.

Supermarkets are now searching for alternative ways to bring food into Britain as ships are planning to be diverted from the UK’s main ports due to congestion.

Felixstowe, which handles more than a third of all containers in the U.K. was forced to briefly suspend the return of empties, and as the delays and congestion mounted major carriers (including Maersk) have begun to divert ships from the British port.

While both London Gateway and Felixstowe have reopened their gates following last week’s empty restitutions issues from several carriers including Maersk, CMA CGM and Evergreen, port officials are continuing to ask the shipping lines to remove empties from the yards as quickly as possible. Maersk in its latest update to customers writes, “It is imperative we continue to reduce the empty flows at Felixstowe, we will continue to accept merchant haulage returns to other UK ports (with the exception of London Gateway).”

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