IMPACT ON SHIPPING: China Typhoon Chaos


China Typhoon Chaos

Freight delays are expected after typhoon forced the closure of Shanghai’s container port and airport.

China Typhoon Chaos

30th July 2021

China Typhoon Chaos

Friday, 30th July 2021

More freight delays are expected in China this week, after typhoon forced the closure of Shanghai’s container port and airport over the weekend.

Typhoon In-Fa made landfall over the weekend in eastern China, with heavy rain, flooding and strong winds impacting freight exports in several major ports and airports.

All of Shanghai’s ports and some in neighbouring regions remained shut this week after closing over the weekend due to the extreme weather.

The idled ports include Yangshan, part of the world’s biggest cluster of container terminals, which sits offshore to the south of Shanghai.

Shanghai and Ningbo, located on the edge of the Pearl River Delta, are the largest and third-largest container ports in the world. As such they are responsible for moving huge amounts of Chinese exports that help sustain the global economy.

It would be expected that the backlog will have a knock on effect over the coming weeks, worsening the current space and availability situation.

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